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Buh - Abandon hope all ye who enter here [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Space Opera Symphony

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Buh [Dec. 29th, 2012|05:59 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
(Longest post in over a year, feel free to go "tl;dr" and skip it, it's just random rambling pretty much)

Man, I made 10 posts in my LJ all year (not counting this one). There was a time when I would easily do that many in one week. I guess I don't have a lot to post about, but even if I did, there are so few people left who still use LJ, so I feel like why even bother. No, I haven't migrated to Dreamwidth or Tumblr or whatever else -- though I'm considering it. I still post my arena stuff on LJ, so I'm still around for now.

Really though it was a pretty uneventful year, my life's pretty much in the same spot it was a year ago. Still doing the school thing, still living at home, still single. Basically I'm still in a rut but at least I'm slowly moving out of it. There was RPXmeet, but I'm not sure anyone who still reads this even knows what RPX is. Oh and I'm trying to get back to writing. There's this old unfinished story I started writing yeeeears ago, so I'm going back and giving it a re-write. I'm roughly halfway through it so far.

I have been discovering that it's better to replay old games I really enjoyed, rather than impulsively blow $40 on new games. I think I bought maybe one new game all year (New SMB 2), and it was good but not great. Thought about Sticker Star, heard it was similarly "okay", and so I've been replaying Thousand-Year Door instead. I also got some extra RAM as a birthday gift, so my PS1 emulator runs a looooot smoother, so I've been seeing what's there that I should pick back up. I never did finish FF7.

Thought about streaming some emulated video games at some point, but even with the extra RAM there's too much lag and there's issues with the sound. I might be able to do it from another computer, though, if I can get all the necessary files and such copied over. Maybe.

So yeah. Happy new year, everyone!