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Space Opera Symphony

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Halp [Aug. 28th, 2011|04:50 am]
Space Opera Symphony
Welp, the storm itself is probably going to swing east of here but we're still looking at a shitload of wind and rain.

My two main fears are that we'll lose power and/or the basement will flood again. As long as neither of those things happens, I'm just dandy.

Wish me luck :V
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oh god [Aug. 23rd, 2011|02:06 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Mood |shockedshocked]

I think we just had an earthquake

A teensy little earthquake but an earthquake nonetheless

EDIT: And apparently two thirds of the entire east coast had the same earthquake :V
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I'm back [Aug. 21st, 2011|11:33 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Music |BBCS - Alexandrite]

I bet a lot of you didn't even know I was gone. I've come a long way from posting every detail of my life here. (All the way to mostly just going on about whatever game I'm playing at the moment!) Those of you who I'm in regular contact with probably knew, which is all I think I need.

But while I was gone, now I am not. Huzzah.

School starts back up in a few weeks and I have a fair amount of stuff I need to do before then, but I'll probably put it all off until the last minute, as usual.

Bought BlazBlue Continuum Shift earlier this month. Initially I had trouble finding a character who I liked AND could play well, but then DLC came to the rescue with an awesome squirrel girl who fits my playing style pretty well, has huge damage potential and pretty solid combos (which aren't overly hard to do). Also, she has an awesome theme song that I cannot stop listening to.

I guess her wearing near nothing probably influenced my decision also. Cute female characters seem to come up a lot in my fighting game preferences. I'm sure it's coincidence. :V
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Phone home [Jul. 17th, 2011|08:30 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
Got a new cell phone today. My old one was a clunker from the stone ages (2006) but this one has a camera. And I need to decide how much money to waste on games and ringtones. Tetris is a given, but then there's also stuff like Final Fantasy 1, Sonic 2, and Madden.

Also I bought Disgaea 3 a couple weeks ago and I'm addicted as usual.
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Street Fighter Follies [Jun. 22nd, 2011|06:21 am]
Space Opera Symphony
Monday I downloaded the Arcade Edition DLC for SSF4. Having a lot of fun with the new characters, but it reset my online battle points or whatever so yesterday I decided to work on my Cammy. Playing with New Pork Monday night gave me some ideas for things I could improve.

So I'm fighting random dudes on PSN, winning some and losing some... After horsewhipping an Evil Ryu into submission I got my first bit of PSN hatemail, as he berated me for being a SCRUB WHO DOESN'T KNOW ANY COMBOS. Which is technically true (though I'm working on it), but he's the one who lost to me, and looking at the replay, it's not like he was busting out any impressive combos either, so... sour grapes, I suppose! :D

I do plan to work on at least some basic Cammy combos, but right now I wanna get more comfortable with Yun and Yang because I like them and they have an awesome theme.

In other news, my arms are sunburned as hell and the side of my neck is both really itchy and kind of numb. This too shall pass.
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Updort [Jun. 18th, 2011|10:31 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
Whenever I hear Bohemian Rhapsody, this video always springs to mind. (Skip to 6:18 or so.) I'm pretty sure this makes me a bad person.

Probably not gonna get much sleep tonight/tomorrow, but I think it'll be worth it. I hope.
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MORNING RESCUE [May. 27th, 2011|06:05 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
This week I watched Madoka Magica, first anime I've actually sat down and watched in several years.

It was delightfully fucked up.

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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2011|07:25 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

So today I made Phi Theta Kappa and I got a neat white rose

It's pretty cool
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Uggggh [May. 3rd, 2011|02:14 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
For the past several years I've been using a little-known web browser called Seamonkey, which is pretty much like Firefox and Thunderbird and all those rolled into one application. It served me well for a while.

Sometime last night, it stopped working with LJ entirely. Every time I try to go somewhere on LJ, I get a blank white page. I'm typing this up in Internet Explorer because it's my only way into the site right now.

I'm not the kind of guy who is constantly keeping up with updates. To me, if something works, why mess with it? I tried one of the newer AIMs once, hated it, and promptly went back to AIM 5. However, not being able to get into LJ, which I check frequently, is kind of a serious issue, so I bit the bullet and downloaded the latest Seamonkey version. The "import wizard" froze up at some point and I had to Ctrl-Alt-Delete it. Or so I thought.

Now opening the new version, I find (naturally) that I don't like it nearly as much as the old version, that I lost NoScript and other such add-ons, that I lost every email I've received since early 2008 (probably because I interrupted the IMPORT WIZARD when I thought it crashed), and of course, that I still can't get into Livejournal.

So I've set my old version back to my default, never to go near so-called updates again. Fuck technology, I'm going back to bed.
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It's not fair [Apr. 30th, 2011|07:04 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
So I went out walking this afternoon, and about a block or a block and a half away from my house I see this huge goddamn turtle, easily the biggest one I've ever seen

I ran home to get the camera, but by the time I got it and got back to where the turtle was, I just caught a glimpse of it climbing into the water and then going down, and I never saw it again. :(

It was easily two feet long and a foot wide, I really wanted that picture. :(
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HOLY SHIT LOTTERY! YOU LOSE!! [Apr. 10th, 2011|10:08 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
Today I played Skee Ball, Turtles in Time (on an actual arcade cabinet with broken joysticks!), and air hockey

It was a good day
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Whee power outage [Apr. 1st, 2011|08:36 am]
Space Opera Symphony
Well that sucked.

Getting my computer back up and running was a lot trickier than it should have been. Basically I think my external hard drive (salvaged from my previous computer) is toast, possibly as a result of the light flooding we had a couple weeks back. I didn't think anything was damaged but maybe I was wrong, or maybe the power outage had something to do with it.

Luckily I transferred most of my important files long ago, but if I can't retrieve that data it does pretty much end any Playstation emulation I had going on. :(
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i r smrt [Mar. 21st, 2011|08:38 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
Dear Livejournal today I locked my keys in the car

That sure was fun
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Well this sucks [Mar. 11th, 2011|05:25 am]
Space Opera Symphony
It's been pouring all day and the massive amounts of snow from the last few months are starting to melt

End result, there is water all over the basement floor. I don't even know where it's coming from but I've spent the last hour putting all my wires and electronics inside plastic bins and stuff, and mopping, and hoping like hell this was a one-time thing and I won't wake up tomorrow to find everything under ankle-deep water

So much hate
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2011|04:02 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
So I feel like the only person not getting Pokemon Black & White

I'm 90% sure that in a year or two they'll make a Pokemon Grey or somesuch, which will be improved, and I'll probably go for that instead.

Besides, I still have things I wanna do in Pearl and HeartGold :B
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2011|10:31 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
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I hate dentists [Feb. 3rd, 2011|02:58 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Mood |numbnumb]

"Residual discomfort could last up to several months"

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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2011|02:39 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Music |Anamanaguchi - Another Winter]

I used to like snow

And then I started having to drive in it :(
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What [Jan. 22nd, 2011|05:56 pm]
Space Opera Symphony
[Current Mood |confusedperplexed]
[Current Music |DKCR - Sticky Situation]

Apparently I've been friended by some kind of Ukrainian soccer blog.
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Well well well [Jan. 17th, 2011|12:51 pm]
Space Opera Symphony

12 hours to get from Tel Aviv to Philly, then there was all the customs and passport bullshit, we had to go through security AGAIN, and then the flight to Albany (itself a simple 40-minute affair) ran like an hour late.

Of course I didn't sleep much on the plane(s) (though I did watch a couple movies), so I'm jet-lagged as hell, but I'll try to make it to at least late evening before I fall over. I go back to classes on Wednesday so sadly I don't have time to ease into this. I also need to do some grocery shopping...

Also, I never thought I'd see the day, but after two weeks on dad's laptop, I actually have to get used to my own mouse again.

So what has been up?
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